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We, from Carpet Cleaning Bronx have got experience in offering rug cleaning in Bronx 10452, and furniture cleaning Bronx. So if you are planning to sell off your home or let it out on rent, and would like to give it a new fresh look, just call us at (347) 732-3473 and we shall send the experts to your home to have a look. Only on inspection of carpets, area rugs and furniture will our cleaners set to work. We extend our emergency services to areas with the zip codes of 10452, 10451, 10453, 10454, and 10457.

Carpet Cleaning Bronx NY

Carpet Cleaning has the experience and know-how for offering rug cleaning in Bronx 10452, and furniture cleaning Bronx. This means, if you are planning on selling your home, we would like to give it a new fresh look, just call us at (347) 732-3473 and we will send the experts to your home to evaluate it. After the inspection of the carpets, area rugs and furniture, our cleaners will be set to work. Additionally, we extend our emergency services to areas with the zip codes of 10452, 10451, 10453, 10454, and 10457. We are Carpet cleaning Bronx NY and we are the best cleaners in NYC

Carpet Cleaning Bronx

After a long vacation of spending many weeks or months away from home, the one thing that would be nice to see and experience is the feeling of the cleanness of the home. You can call Carpet Cleaning Bronx to help!

You cannot ignore the dust and the damp smell emanating from carpets, furniture, and even upholstery cleaning in Bronx NY. It would require you a lot of time to clean everything in time. Otherwise, it would be essential for you to take the services of the professionals at Bronx Carpet cleaners to assist.


Carpet Cleaning Bronx offers you a host of expert and licensed services that would ensure that you get a clean home or office. We are easy to contact when you need us, you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Yellow Pages.

We have been around for over thirty years, and this shows the ways we have evolved over the years. We can clean carpets, rugs, upholstery, tiles, and furniture is some of the reasons. When it comes to cleaning carpets in Bronx 10451, people do not need to look further. We have specific cleaners for each and every need. We have also had our dispatch ready to send vans to all the technicians who shall be able to come and offer emergency cleaning.
To handle emergencies for water damage in Bronx and even  carpet cleaning? Call us at (347) 732-3473!

CALL OUR OFFICE TODAY (347) 732-3473

Did you forget to turn off the tap and came home to find a flooded home? If your carpets or rugs are soaking in the water for an extended time, then the damage might be worse. But, do not worry because when you call us for water damaged carpet recovery, our emergency experts will rush over to restore the carpets and rugs. With our steam-drying method, the carpets, rugs and even upholstery can be dried in very less time.


Carpet Cleaning Bronx has the experience in offering rug cleaning in Bronx 10452 and furniture cleaning the Bronx. If you are planning to sell your home or rent it, we will give it a new fresh look, just call us at (347) 732-3473 look. We extend our emergency services to areas with the zip codes of 10452, 10451, 10453, 10454, and 10457.

Thorough cleaning of carpets and rugs:

Carpet Cleaning Bronx is known for offering the fastest and the most advanced cleaning solutions. We have the tumbling machines, the mount trucks, and our solvents and cleaning solutions. These solutions are made in our labs and are much safer to be used. There are no harmful fumes or any other dangers and are save for your family and pets to be around while we are cleaning.


Carpet Cleaning Bronx handles:

• Stain removal
• Odor removal
• Sanitizing the carpets
• Layering with protective mold
• Removal of bacteria and grime
• Rinse with limited water
• Restoration
• Repair of frayed corners and edges
• Re-setting the rugs or carpets

Our rug and sofa cleaning and upholstery cleaning Bronx:

Carpet Cleaning Bronx specialize in ensuring that not just the carpets and area rugs look and smell fresh, our motto is also to make sure that the upholstery like sofa covers, table linens, curtains and lace and tasseled curtains and other draperies are also cleaned inside out. Similarly, sofa cleaning in the Bronx is something that no one can do without experience and tools. An ugly stain might make your heart sink, and this is why it is recommended that you ensure that the sofas get cleaned well and that too by experts from our rug cleaning company in the Bronx. We have all the tools to help in scrubbing and removing stains, the light coat of dust that would have settled over the days.


End up not seeing a single spot or mess anywhere around afterward. The most important thing to know is that Carpet Cleaning Bronx offers affordable cleaning services.

Tile cleaning and more from our house:

Not just carpet cleaning in the Bronx, Carpet Cleaning Bronx has proficient cleaners who will be able to also thoroughly clean kitchen grout and tiles. It has been seen that even if you wash the tiles on a regular basis and make sure that the grime is gone, you can still have dirty tile and grout. With simple detergents or soaps, this cleaning will be incomplete, and may even make the tiles look dull. As a result, for tile and grout cleaning the Bronx NY, we are one of the most recommended names. Apart from making sure that the dirt and grime disappears, we also will ensure that space in between the tiles is cleaned, and that is possible by removing the tiles, cleaning them, and resetting them.


Then once we are finished cleaning the tiles, we put a protective layer of cream on top so that the tiles remain clean and fresh for a long time.

Carpet Cleaning Bronx is known for offering commercial services and most of the companies in and around the Bronx call us for regular cleaning services. We offer periodic cleaning packages at discounted rates for people who get our coupons. Call us right now and get the best CLEANING Solution!

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Carpet Cleaning Bronx

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